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 Welcome! This is the Professional site of Author/Poet/Screenwriter Caitlyn Starr Carrington. You will learn about her books, screenplays and projects. You will see her photos from her Book Signings. Check back for events and updates.


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About Caitlyn



Caitlyn began her writing career at age 10 writing  poetry and making homemade greeting cards for her family and friends. Her poetry was published in 12 Anthologies and Who's Who Of International Poetry. She writes her poetry and lyrics from her heart and soul. 

Her books come from dreams and play out like movies.

In 2009 she wrote her first book Realm Of Hope, then she wrote the sequel to the trilogy Earth Uprising.

She is pleased to present her new Poetry and Lyrics Book Realm Of Reality. Caitlyn is currently writing a Paranormal Romance novel Ghost Terminal and the end of the trilogy The Darkest Day.

Buy any of Caitlyn Starr Carrington's Books and she will donate $5.00 to Hope For Haiti,  American Cancer Society,  Autistm Speaks and Greenpeace.

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Buy 2 of Caitlyn's books on Amazon and get FREE SHIPPING!


    For every Kindle sold Caitlyn will donate $1.00 to American Cancer Society in honor of her mother's fight with Pancreatic Cancer. Caitlyn is a Cervical Cancer Survivor as well.