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Excerpt from Book

Fifty Yetis, ten Ice Dragons, ten Wholly Mammoths and 10 heavily armed Giant Polar Bears were sent out towards the city. They were all Robotic and if they were harmed, he knew that he would rather lose his Cyber Army than his men.

Draco and his nine fierce Red Dragons, ten Griffins,  and fifty Centaurs appeared in front of the advancing Cyber Creatures. The Ice Dragons spewed Ice Fire at the Red Dragons and they battled in the air. Draco incinerated two of them with his menacing fire breath. The Centaurs drew their bows and shot deadly fire arrows at the Yetis. The Yetis were quick to move out of the way of the arrows and only two were harmed.  The Griffins flew over the Giant Polar Bears and picked at their flesh with each dive trying to find any expose d areas not protected by armor. Yet, it was for naught because they were interpretable  Titanium armor. Even their heads were protected by helmets. Seeing the their Magical Cy-creatures were not being affected as they had planned. The Wizards sent out the Law Enforcement Bots. They advanced with their Pulse Rifles and Laser guns. They successfully shot up all the Cy-Creatures with ease.

Narrick ordered the first section of the ERF to advance. Most of them had Kevlar vests on or Military armor for protection. They started shooting at the Law Enforcement Bots and destroyed all of them quickly. The advance continued.

Second Part to the Magic Realm Series. Sci-Fi fiction                       

Written in 3 days during an ice storm from dreams.

Publish America is proud to present Earth Uprising by Caitlyn Carrington

Earth Uprising

It is the year 3020. Ten years have passed since Lord Merlin and Lady Kera left the Realm of Hope in the care of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. The quest has partially been completed by the knights. Lord Merlin’s quest was to find survivors that are pure of heart who wish to live in the Realm of Hope. However, there are those who rebel against the quest. They are those who would rather die before they would be taken against their will. Narrick and his Earth Resistance Force have teamed up with the Candy Man and his Inhalers/Drinkers/Drugsters forming a vengeful alliance. Weapons are being discovered and Cyber-Creatures created. The Atlanteans are returning for a tour of the state of the Realm of Hope and to judge whether the ten-year quest has been at least eighty percent fulfilled. Old friends will be reunited and new friendships made. Wondrous secrets, intrigue, danger, and those who have new and stronger gifts will be discovered. Will the quest be fulfilled? Will an assault happen, and how will they defend the Realm of Hope? Knowledge is power and magic can’t fix everything!

$5 of every sale will be donated to American Cancer Society for the research and development of those stricken with Pancreatic Cancer.