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 Publish America is proud to present Realm Of Hope by Caitlyn Carrington

The Year is 3010. The last city on Earth is maintained by The Illusionist. It houses 150,000 survivors of the End Of Days after a Global Warming. The Citizens are rescued and then divided into levels depending on their age, attributes, vices and their past. There is Romance, Intrigue, Danger and Magic afoot. The Scientists have been discovered using Magical Alchemy to capture unascended souls and putting them into Genetically Engineered Kidlings. Time Devices are scanned daily and the Citizens have 150 years to live.  The Observer Kera has many unusual gifted talents and has caught the eye of The Illusionist.  Even your best friend cannot be trusted. Who can save the Realm Of Hope? Knowledge is power and magic can't fix everything right?

$5 of every sale will be donated to Hope For Haiti charity to help with the rebuilding, education and medical needs of the people of Haiti.


Excerpt from Book

Fifty Law Enforcement Bots are walking across the icy tundra. Their rigid, yet rhythmic marching is heard with the cracking of the ice below their boots. Once they clear the edge of the perimeter of the city they deactivate the protective blue force field surrounding the domed metropolis , continue through and reactivate it.

Their leader Commander Wolf is in full gear with black kevlar vest and laser helmet with infrared view. His long black hair is pulled in a ponytail down his back. He carries a laser pulse rifle, a Taker stick, and a plasma blade in his utility belt. The Bots are controlled by his every thought and do everything that he commands through telepathy.

They come to a clearing after about an hour trek where there is a marker of dark blue ribbon on one of the trees. This is their signal that there are Survivors ready to be brought into the Realm Of Hope. Reluctantly, some young men peek their heads out of a shelter that is underground. They wave on to others in reassurance.  They have their back packs ready and about 50 people come out slowly and cautiously up the stairs and circle around the waiting escort. There are men and women of all ages and some children between the ages of three to fifteen. They all wear dingy, dirty clothes with thick parkas and rubber boots. The group follow the Military Escort and attempts to keep up with the march. The steady pace that the Bots is a bit hard for some of the Elders and Commander Wolf tells the Bots to slow their pace by 10%. Their pace slows a bit then the ragtag Survivors can keep up more easily. After about a one hour march, the group comes to a digital double door reminiscent of the Forbidden Kingdom doors in the elder books from the history of China. Commander Wolf uses a remote control device that deactivates the blue force field surrounding the city. They are mesmerized by the diverse, bright buildings and the bustling Cy Bots going about their programmed business.


Written in 7 days during a Hurricane from dreams.                       

First book in the Magic Realm Series Trilogy. Sci-Fi, fiction