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Excerpt from Television Script

The guys start talking among themselves and it escalates into and argument.

"Pipe down guys! I have a book that may explain everything to us." Hugh said waving his hands

An old tattered book that says AKASHIC RECORDS emblazoned on the front is pulled from a silver box on the table.

"There is a letter that needs to be read" Quinn said unfolding a parchment letter that is in a scroll tied with a purple ribbon. He hands it to his brother Brandt.

My Dear Sons:

If you are reading this then you are old enough to reunite and embark on a great journey. You will be working together in one common cause - to find the greatest treasures not yet found and to discover new sources of energy to your kind.

Your kind is that of a Psychic Vampire. You need to feed on the auras and energies of other people and objects.  You now receive all the energy you need in healthy ways. Energy comes to you easily from the Earth,  from the air and Divine Intelligence. It is everywhere and you willingly accept it from healthy places and healthy ways. You always have all the energy that I need. If you don't then you will have feed on Humans with bright auras and boundless  energy. You must decide for yourself if you are a "Giver or a Taker". "Givers" help other people by brightening their auras, giving energy and helping to heal. "Takers" feed on the energies of others, dim their auras and can make people ill if they wish. They crave large crowds and need to be around others. They do not like to be alone.

Jory and Flynn are the youngest and do not need to feed. If they wish to be "Givers" they may when they become older. But because beware of those who want younglings power of Psionics. They can see the past/present/future in visions. Protect them at all costs.

The rest of you must decide which you are and live that lifestyle. If my feelings and visions are correct, half of you will be "Givers" and the other half "Takers". Those raised by the Fairies - "Takers" those raised by the Elves "Givers".

Mordred has decided not to go on this journey with you, for he is different than you. His foster mother Morgan has other plans for him. So there will be 11 of you on this journey.

Bryce, you may decide for yourself what path you wish to take. I send you an Astral Tiger familiar named Astrid. When you are in danger, she will be able to drain the assailant's energies and allow you to escape.

My sons, beware of Sang Vampires. They will try to drain you of your blood and to take your power. Sangs are sneaky and will even wound you to get some of your blood. Beware of Vampiresses as they can be like a Succubus and take all of your energy and darken your aura.  Do not let anybody cut your hair for it is part of your power. There are also great dangers in hunting for treasures. There are spirits, sometimes evil who guard and you must vaporize them with your power to take the treasure. Not all spirits are what they seem. They may look as if they are benevolent, yet be the worst evil demon that you could ever face.

Good luck my sons - try to be helpful to others and if you find the treasure that you seek, be sure and share with the poor and less fortunate.

All my love and blessings,

Mother Nimue



Vampergy is a different kind of vampire story.  Twelve brothers sail the world in search of treasure, excitement and to help cure those who are afflicted with the V Virus. Aboard the 150 foot yacht The Essence are the brothers, the Vampire Research Institute,  medical facility, the De LeCrois sisters, N ight Moves Modeling Agency. All is well until they discover they are being chased by a ruthless Russian vampire clan out for the blood of the passenger they carry. They must protect Willow at all costs. Join their adventures at every port.

It is written as a television series. Caitlyn has a pilot and 20 episodes. It was featured on Twitter as a web opera where the characters interact through their Twitter pages. It would make a great live action or animated series.

In Fall 2013 it will be released as a Juvenile Book Series.  But all ages will enjoy it as well.


Vampergy:Maiden Voyage Of Terror - Pilot 12 brothers, #VRI team, sang vamps sailing the World. We love traveling, treasure, fast cars. Wherever there is energy, adrenaline rushes, danger and music-we are the Vampergy. Keep Burning Bright!

Buy now and $5 will be donated to Greenpeace for the rescue and preservation of animals.